My Beautiful Story

"Emerging from the ashes to embrace the beauty..."

Friday, August 24, 2012

731 Days

It has been 731 days since Erik left his home here on earth to reside for eternity in Heaven with Jesus Christ. 731.... I didn't even think I would be able to live 1 day without him...but here I am...I have lived 700 days longer than I ever thought possible. So how did I make it this far? It has only been with the strength that I have received through Jesus Christ. That is the only way that I can explain to you how I have carried on. I can only give Him the glory for the story that is being written. It is only through Him that I have found purpose and meaning and the will to go on. Has it been an easy journey? Not at all. It has been a long journey with many bumps along the way. And the journey is not over. It won't be over until I too am called to my eternal home. But by His grace, He has provided for me and for my children. He has taken the brokenness and the ashes and is turning them into something beautiful. Something that only He can receive the credit for. I praise Him for that provision. I praise Him for all the amazing people that have been a part of this journey. I praise Him that He is the God who heals. There is a jar in Heaven with my name on it and He is gathering all my tears and putting them inside. He is restoring to me joy everlasting. I have been blessed beyond measure. To have been blessed with love once is amazing, but to find it twice is a miracle. Those words echo in my mind. Words typed to me today by my one and only sister. How true are those words. Sorrow is a very personal journey. No one experiences this loss the same. Time will not erase the pain, but it will only make it easier to endure. Erik will be missed by me until the day I die. But I will press on. I will cling to the Truth that sets me free. I will trust in the Only One who can truly bring me through this horrible pit. Life is so short and so precious. We are not promised tomorrow. We are not promised the next moment. We only have right now. Make it count. And if you don't know the Giver of all life... He is waiting to embrace you. You are only here because of Him. I will praise Him with all that I am and all that I have...even through grief and sadness. He works all things together for good and I will believe that! Psalm 73:1 begins with these 4 words, "Truly God is good..." Yes He is!